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Hello World. I’m Tyler — A self-taught, seasoned, versatile developer from Newfoundland.

The name

Osiset; oh-sy-set.

A combination of two Egyptian gods — Osiris and his brother Set. Combining the two together gives a glimpse to the elements of development… birth, death, resurrection, disorder, and chaos that a project or process goes through.

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Where I started

Everyone has a story on how they got involved with development. Mine came out of necessity. Nerd-ily enough, I used to help manage sci-fi and Star Trek forums in the early 2000s. Forums we’re hugely popular at the time - everyone had a forum for every subject you could think of. To keep up with the competition, forums often implemented things called mods. Mods required core code changes to the forum software which required someone to implement those changes.

That’s where I came in. I got interested in modifying the exiting forum software to implement these mods because no other forum manager desired to touch its mess. At the time it was mainly Perl and PHP 3/4, not the nicest to look at or work with. That was a long time ago, but they’re my roots. I even developed custom mods which became surprisingly popular at the time.

I quickly moved onto getting heavily involved with Python for automation and web, which I love, and also developed with Java, ASP, Ruby, C, etc. I ran through many, many languages to find my niche and of course find the right tool for the job. I gained a wealth of experience from using each, and by learning one, it helped learn another as many concepts easily transitioned.

The 2000s we’re a rocky time for development, it was a time of great change, spin-offs, and maturity for many languages and ecosystems for those languages. The web came into a heavy play. I eventually started my professional career a year after starting those mods of the forums. I began professionally with PHP, Python, and Ruby, as they were the job demands for the web at the time in my area; this is where my experience took off. I found my love for crafting backend systems for the web.

Since then, I’ve taken what I’ve learned and continually applied it. I’ve worked with many name-brands in my career and developed enterprise solutions for them, as well as provide consultation.